• Net Weight
    20kg PE, 500 ~ 1,000kg Jumbo PP
  • Product Category
    Organic farming materials, Paddy Rice, Special crops, Plant crops, Fruit Trees, Fruits, Horticulture
  • Composition
    12.0-0-8.0 + Magnesium 1.5 + Organic 70
  • Raw Material
    Microbial extract 47% , Langbenite 6%, Castor oil 40%, Molasses 7%
  • Microbial metabolites (high nitrogen, organic matter) and minerals (langbenite: Cali 22% Stable nutrition supply with perfect harmony of Magnesium 18%)
  • Optimization of microbial degradation activity based on optimum blending of Castor oil and molassesEfficiency as a tool and weight
  • Prevent physiological disorders with balanced supply of phosphoric acid, calories, Magnesium and calcium
How to apply
Rice, Wheat, Barley
7 - 10 Bags
Fruit Tree
Citrus Fruit, Apple, Peach, Grape, Sweet Persimmon
8-9 Bags
Fruit Tree
Sweet Persimmon
9-16 Bags
Fruit Vegetables
Strawberry, Sweet Potato, Potato, Lettuce, Watermelon
7 - 10 Bags
Fruit Vegetables
Cucumber, Pumpkin, Carrot, Tomato,  Oriental Melon,  Pepper
9 - 12 Bags
Root Vegetables
Onion, Garlic, Chinese Cabbage, Carrot
13-18 Bags
Floricultural Crop
Chrysanthemum, Rose, Carnation
12-18 Bags

* Adjust usage according to soil fertility and crop growthYou can omit transplant manure and extra fertilization as a whole fertilization standard, but apply appropriate amount according to soil and growth conditions

  • Please use basal fertilization 5-7 days before the planting time
  • Deep placement of fertilizer is needed otherwise rotary tillage after apply the fertilizer
  • When fertilizing Cultivation Under Structure (House, Wheat), it should be used after fermentation
  • Do not mix with strong alkaline fertilizers